Last month, members of the Lifetime Learning Institute at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale took Part V of a continuing journey through the endless glories of jewelry throughout the centuries. The latest three sessions covered the period from approximately 1890 to the mid 20th century. Each session consisted of two hours of dazzling color slides accompanied by a lecture that placed each beautiful item in the historical, social and political context of its day. Topics included:

1890-1914: Lalique & Faberge – Looking Forward, Looking Backward
Participants explored this brief period in which Lalique revolutionized jewelry design and made Art Nouveau jewelry a worldwide rage, even if a short-lived one. Meanwhile, his contemporary in Russia, Faberge, was making jewelry and objects d’art that looked far more to the past, but whose appeal has endured to the present day, even to the point of fueling a thriving “Fauzberge” industry.

The 20th Century: Art Deco, Cartier, Harry Winston
This section started with the great watershed of World War I and the explosion of the Art Deco style onto the worldwide scene with the Exposition des Art Decoratifs in Paris in 1925. The headlong creation of new materials and technologies in the wake of the war both inspired and made possible the striking new departures in color, motifs and materials of Art Deco jewels.

Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels & Others
In this session members viewed slides depicting a series of works by the great jewelers of the 20th century. Their works constitute a glittering chronicle of both traditional and innovative 20th century styles. The sessions concluded with the dazzling works of Harry Winston, which typified post-World War II wealth and optimism.




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