The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement in Asheville offers its members several different ways to become involved in both intergenerational and community outreach efforts. Here are their latest offerings.

Intergenerational Opportunities

Different generations bring different and insightful perspectives to issues of common interest. NCCCR members may participate in select UNCA classes as instructors’ resource associates, helping to enrich undergraduate students’ learning experiences while enjoying the exchange of views and ideas with the younger generation. You are expected to attend class on a regular basis, participate fully, and do all course work.

To sign up for one of these UNCA 16-week intergenerational courses, you must be an NCCCR members and pay a $100 fee (partial scholarships available); space is limited. Resource associates will also need to purchase the books required for the course.

Philosophers Under the Covers
Join with a group of freshmen to meet famous philosophical couples. We’ll get under the covers with 19th century British political philosopher John Stuart Mill and his platonic lover and later wife and co-author, Harriet Taylor, with that 20th century French existential duo Simone de Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre, and with philosopher/novelists, the British Iris Murdoch and her husband, literary critic (and her biographer) John Bayley. There’s lots of fiction and philosophy to read in this course and a capstone essay to write, so make sure you’re ready for a deep immersion into studenthood while mixing it up with the wild and crazy world of today’s college freshmen. The course meets in the Reuter Center. Limited to 10 “resource associates.”

Law and Literature
Lawyers sometimes describe what they do as competitive, persuasive story-telling. In this freshman colloquium, UNCA Legal Council Lawton addresses such questions as: What can we learn from the way judges and lawyers tell stories? What can we learn from stories that are told about law and lawyers? Course readings will include judicial decisions and novels and films about law and order. Limited to 5 “resource associates.”

Community Outreach Opportunities
Community outreach projects are important to NCCCR members.

Support Team
NCCCR members provide practical and emotional support to individuals and families with health concerns or other needs. Assistance is provided to families in the community and to members of the NCCCR.

Senior Career Advisors
NCCCR members work with staff of UNC Asheville’s Career Center to provide career development aid and mentoring to undergraduates.

Intergenerational Seminar Series

Members share real-life experiences in industry and business with students taking UNCA classes, and act as moderators for the Undergraduate Research Conference.




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