The ILEAD Summer 2007 Lecture Series at Dartmouth University in Hanover, New Hampshire is offering its members a tantalizing series of lectures with experts who study, shape, and work inside it everyday. Held on seven consecutive Wednesdays beginning on July 11th and ending August 22nd, the cost for members is $60 for the series and $120 for non-members. Topics to be covered are:

• Rivals for Power: Congressional-Executive Wartime Relations

• The 2008 Election: Gallup Poll Update from the People and Inside Congress: The Inner Workings of a Unique Institution

• Elected and Appointed: How the Work Gets Done

• Buying Power the Washington Way

• Permanent Campaign: Money and Congressional Politics and Do Voters Choose Their Congressmen, of Vice Versa?

• The Loss of Checks and Balances: Does it Matter?

• A Candidate’s View of Congress





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