By Janice Hollis

During the spring semester at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of S. Maine in Portland, Janice Hollis, and other members of OLLI took the Hospice Service Learning Course being offered. Following is the article Janice wrote for the OLLI newsletter.

In the spring semester I was fortunate to take the Hospice Service Learning Course.

The course offered us a chance to talk about and gather information on the dying process.

We discussed the many aspects involved, including physical, spiritual, emotional, social and family concerns. We heard from professionals who discussed their fields of expertise and from another OLLI member who had used this service.

It was thought-provoking to examine our own experiences around the death of loved ones and our feelings when we experienced some degree of loss in our lives.

It has been rewarding experience. As volunteers, we bring dignity when we honor their past and respect their feelings as they make their final journey. The patients are appreciative of simple things, such as reading to them or just listening.

The Hospice staff is supportive in meeting our needs and making it a meaningful time for us as well as their clients. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this wonderful and meaningful course.




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