Taken from the 2006/2007 Membership Directory of the Learning in Retirement Program, Inc. and reprinted here with permission.

In September, 1994 a new organization of more than 100 charter members began to meet at the Center for Continuing Education at the University of Georgia. It was called Learning in Retirement.

Initial stimulus was provided by the Elderhostel Institute Network or EIN – the link between the long-established and well known Elderhostel program and adult learning centers at universities and colleges throughout the country. First described as a “learning group for the incorrigibly curious retirement-age adult,” members started organizing classes, social gatherings, and tours.

The primary function of Learning in Retirement has been to provide interesting classes that are taught by LIR members, professors from the University of Georgia, or by specialists in the community. Each semester approximately 30 courses of study, usually meeting for three to five sessions, have been offered. These are divided between two semesters, one beginning in September, the other in January. Early courses included “Canada,”
“Memory and the Brain,” “Estate Planning,” “Earthquakes and Volcanoes,” and the “Great Decisions” series.

Courses reflect the interests and talents of the members and include such subjects as Southern history, computer skills, and physical fitness. Some courses have proved to be so popular that they have been repeated. Day trips and overnight trips have taken members to a variety of places and events spanning the state from Atlanta to Callaway Gardens to the nuclear power plant in Baxley to the Georgia coast and Cumberland Island. Trips to the High Museum and the University’s own Georgia Museum of Art are favorites. Some trips evolve through specific courses; others are designed to meet members’ interests or to present new information and ideas.

December holiday parties were among the first social gatherings and have remained very popular. Over time, social get-togethers grew to include morning coffee at members’ homes, and luncheons at local restaurants. More recently “Dinner Out” has become a popular means through which members can enjoy a relaxed evening meal together.

As LIR has grown to over 300 members, so have its activities. The year 2000 saw the beginning of programs of travel-study and social events. Summer events not only offer an excellent opportunity for new members to get their first introduction to LIR, they also serve to keep a year-round continuity to the organization.

To keep up with the latest on our current calendar of courses, travel-study, special activity groups, social events, and newsletters, visit the LIR web site at For even more information, please call our telephone number, (706) 549-7350 and leave a message. We will call you back! Or email us at




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