Submitted by the Institute for Learning in Retirement at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL

This series of presentations throughout the academic year will bring into our classroom a collection of experts on government, both elected or appointed officials, to discuss their roles in different governmental processes. They will answer our questions about why events and laws happen or do not happen. Many stakeholder perspectives will be offered in these lively presentations. Focused presentations will be given by:

Tim Ryan, State Representative from District 100
(October 11th, 2005, morning)

Dr. Brenda Snipes, Supervisor Broward County Board of Elections (November 17th, 2005, morning)

Susan Goldstein, State Representative from Sunrise
(December 13th, 2005, morning)

Ronald J. Rothschild, Circuit Court Judge, Broward County
( January 9th, 2006, afternoon)

Charlotte Mather, Vice President, North Broward Hospital District
( February 7, 2006, afternoon)

Ilene Lieberman, Broward County Commissioner
(February 22, 2006, afternoon)

Louis H. Schiff, Broward County Court Judge
(February 23, 2006, afternoon)

Franklin Sands, State Representative from District 98
( February 28, 2006, morning)




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