Yes, the Holidays are months away yet, but for purposes of advance planning, LLIs might find the following – thanks to the Duke Institute for Learning in Retirement in North Carolina – very interesting and creative.

According to an informal poll at DILR, nine out of ten individuals prefer receiving a gift membership for DILR to receiving a fruitcake. Why?

1. DILR has identifiable ingredients! There are no strangely colored fruit pieces. DILR mixes stimulating classes with exciting activities and social events, blends in worthwhile volunteer opportunities, and serves these at multiple sites in the area.

2. DILR is healthy for you! No calories, no carbohydrates, no fat! Attending DILR classes and activities is intellectually nutritious. No allergic reactions from participation in DILR. No dietary restrictions apply. Calories burn while you learn!

3. Knowledge and friendships acquired through DILR will outlast any fruitcake! Information from DILR classes works its way into your daily life. DILR members broaden their understanding of history and world events; are among the first to hear updates in science, technology, and medicine; and get the inside scoop on recent changes in computers and in digital camera photography. All while making friends along the way.

4. Fruitcake has sugar added. DILR is sugar-free, but how sweet it is! A DILR gift membership is the sweetest of gifts. Your dentist will approve because DILR will never give you cavities the way sugar will. And a DILR gift membership keeps on giving, semester after semester.





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