The Lifelong Learning Institute in Chesterfield, Virginia is offering a series of free classes to the general public. This is an excellent way to get the word out about their program. Here is their fall schedule of free classes.

September – New Drug Development and Alzheimer’s Disease.
This program reviews the process of developing a new drug from discovery through entry into the marketplace.

September & October – Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places
This program will look at the first two productions of the 2005-2006 Virginia Opera season, in addition to musical and dramatic analyses.

September – Caregiver Training
Learn how to provide the highest quality care while reducing caregiver stress and understanding what resources are available.

October – What’s New With The Flu?
Come to learn everything you need and want to know about the flu and the vaccines.

October – Organ Donation
An overview of the complex and emotional issue of organ donation and the process of donation, transportation, and allocation of donated organs through UNOS.

October – Disaster Preparedness
Identify hazards and prepare for natural and manmade disasters. Learn about emergency preparedness in Chesterfield County.

October – Safety for Seniors
The class will talk about Awareness Techniques and being alert regarding your surroundings, safety at home, and how to deal with fraud and scams.

November – Healthy Aging
The class will be a fun and interactive multimedia presentation and discussion about what the research tells us about living and aging well.

November – Anatomy & Physiology of the Balloon, or How Do We Breathe?
This class is a simple introduction to the way humans breathe.




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