New Programs on Movies, Gender, and the New Old Age
are now being offered by the developer of The Elderquest in Today’s Movies and Novels

Delighted by the nationwide success of his 2006 Elderquest programs (sponsored by the OLLI at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, partially funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, originally offered at 19 Lifelong Learning Institutes around the country, and still running in more than a dozen), developer, Chuck Nicholas, is pleased to announce a whole new set of programs. This time they are not grant funded and that means, ironically, that it will cost a lot less for institutions to run them.

The New Cinema and Literature of Age, Part Two: Men, Women, and Late Life Relationships unlike Part One, focuses on the battle to overcome the still dominant narrative of aging as decline, and it does so in four closely related programs—Men, Women and the New Old Age, Women and the New Old Age, Men and the New Old Age, and Late Life Love and Relationships. The first three are based on the premise that successful aging depends in large measure on the ability of today’s men and women to overcome ageism and forge more mature gender identities. The fourth examines the impact that winning or losing these struggles has on those seeking late life love and relationships.

Enthusiasm for these new programs is running even higher than expected—150 showed up for our first pilot class at UMass, Boston. We are also confident that they will charm and enlighten a number of different kinds of audiences- from LLIs, to Independent Living Facilities, from those that are already 65 to all those boomers who are about to hit that still dreaded number. We have also used them to train caregivers and enlighten family members who need to know what it is really like to grow old in these early years of the longevity revolution.

All four will maintain, with slight revisions and improvements, the curricular structures that helped to make Part One such a resounding success—eight three-hour sessions that combine scholarly presentations, feature film screenings, readings, and facilitated discussions of the films and novels, supported by comprehensive film lists, book lists, and additional readings and references. This time, however, The Study Guide will be even more extensive since there are many more movies and novels on this subject.. All in all there will be 12 different syllabi for the four programs.
Note: A fifth program that consists exclusively of novels will also be available in three different versions.

To order The Part Two Study Guide which will be available for distribution in May, in plenty of time to mount the programs in the Fall, please email Chuck Nicholas at or call him at 978 526 9228. If you are interested in our original Elderquest program go to\elderquest where it can be downloaded or printed out for free.





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