Fiscal Year 2006 Highlights

Taken from the March 2007 issue of News & Views.

• 324 people were members in good standing (247 women, 77 men).

• 72 faculty members and lecturers (including 11 from the NVCC faculty) offered 82 courses at 20 separate locations.

• Nine Forum meetings were held with an average attendance of 144.

• Twelve educational trips were conducted (domestic and international).

• Eight special interest groups were offered.

• We had a wonderfully successful Anniversary Party in May and Picnic in September. Our Holiday Party was snowed out and was deferred to the next year.

• Two $2,000 and two $500 student scholarships, and one $2,000 and one $500 student leadership scholarships were awarded with the generous contributions of our members.

• LLI participated in the three-day Mid-Atlantic Regional Lifelong Learning Institutes Conference, which was held in September 2005 in Asheville, NC

• At monthly Forums, LLI members have generously donated and delivered several hundred pounds of food items to organizations assisting citizens in need.




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