Academy for Lifelong Learning, Cape Cod Community College, Massachusetts

The following questionnaire was developed by the A.L.L. program to help decide which courses to offer. Members were asked to place an X next to each course they would like to take. Courses included:

Get to Know Your Computer
This is a beginning course that introduces computer newcomers to the computer. You will learn to “Master the Mouse with mouse practice games,” find your way around the keyboard; learn to drag, cut, copy and paste. Practice writing different kinds of short documents and saving them. Make corrections and changes in your writing so much more easily and efficiently than a typewriter ever could.

Introduction to Email and the Internet
This is a beginner’s “how to” and fun course covering setting up an email account, receiving, sending and filing messages, attaching pictures and documents, organizing an address book and mail groups, and creating calendars. The Internet portion of the class will focus on using a web browser and search engine to surf the Internet for fun as well as for facts, travel and banking. Exercises will show participants how to save and organize favorite web addresses and how to copy and send information from websites.

Using Your Computer
Learn to use your computer’s Multimedia capabilities (copying information or music onto CDs). Type your works and ideas with word processing tricks and tips, make Holiday cards, and send email attachments.

Introduction to Online Services
Using helpful online services and using the web to answer your questions and simplify routine tasks – US Post Office, Social Security and Medicare, MA Motor Vehicle, CLAMS Libraries, IRS, Barnstable County and Your Town, A.L.L. and Computers for Seniors home pages, and much more.

Online Banking on Cape Cod
Covering an overview of many banking services and how to perform them (checking account balances, performing fund transfers, Bill Paying, etc.)

Online Shopping
(Making purchases from the comfort of your home computer.)
Examine web sites (travel, old and used goods, helpful services) plus online security, how payments are made, establishing a FREE PayPal account.

Software Downloads
Finding and installing useful FREE software and “Shareware” including “OpenOffice” (Free MS Office clone), Adobe Acrobat Reader, WinZip (for opening, storing and emailing large files), highly effective FREE Anti-Virus and Anti-Spy programs, plus other FREE applications (like Photo-editing and slide show programs) will be presented.

Computer Maintenance and Security Basics that YOU CAN DO
Learn about the included System Tools and Control Panel features, what they can do, how and when to use them (Restore, Defrag, Disk Cleanup, msconfig). Scheduling maintenance tasks, keeping Operating System updated, backing up (Address book, Favorites, files, documents and photos). How to download and use important FREE updates and software, understand Firewalls, use Anti-Virus, anti Pop-Ups and anti-spyware programs.

Basic Enhancement to Digital Photography
Quickly learn to fix your photos like a professional. Learn to enhance your photos by lightening or darkening, cropping, removing red-eye and scratches, modifying backgrounds, and eliminating or adding elements to your photos.

Introduction to Digital Imaging
This course will explain the generation of digital images. Students will practice cropping, resizing, cutting objects from a photograph, cloning, creating collages and panoramic pictures and paper selection. The course is built around FREE “Picasa” software.

Microsoft Word/Word Processing
This course covers the fundamental features of creating a variety of Word documents (including using different font styles and inserting pictures, tables, word art) and prepares the students for using other Microsoft Office and similar word processing programs. It uses Word 2003 in class but other versions of Word are also discussed.

Produce professional looking presentations. Learn how to create and manipulate slides; add text, animation, charts, artwork, photos, and sounds to your presentation; adapt and edit shows to make them more entertaining and informative. Computer experience and access to PowerPoint software is necessary.

Using the Internet to Book Travel and Plan Vacations
Do you want to explore travel options and make travel arrangement online? Explore Internet travel trends, travel research and booking engines for flights, hotels, cars, cruises, plus find destination and travel information. Travel tips and tricks are included.




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