Policies and Procedures Committee
By Irving Wagner

Taken from the March 2006 newsletter of the Academy for Lifelong Learning at Cape Cod Community College, Massachusetts.

A number of ALL members who have been with the organization since its early days revel in the informality which characterized it in those early years. It certainly was an important attraction then. But as the number of people attending its courses grew; as the number of courses offered grew; and as the number of peripheral activities grew; coordinating these events became more difficult. Knowledge of how things were done also became dispersed among many more people. So that new people assuming the reins of governance would not need to reinvent the wheel each year, a Policies and Procedures committee was created to codify what had been learned.

This committee, in which extracting details about how we all go about getting so many things done and done right establishes liaisons with every operating unit in ALL Through its contacts it prepares a manual defining the responsibilities every operating unit in ALL is given and the steps that must be taken to meet those responsibilities. Ultimate authority for them comes from ALL’s Bylaws. Detailed input about how things are done is strictly determined by those who do the doing. However, the Policies and Procedures committee is their guide and coach. It also does the demanding work of putting this material into writing, succinctly and without ambiguity, in a manual.

Its responsibilities are continuing. The committee reviews the manual annually, and consults with every operating unit to determine to what extent, if any, things have changed and then incorporating the changes in the manual. In addition to the annual reviews, there may be, for instance, a change in our Bylaws necessitating a revision to one of the policies and its accompanying procedure. At the request of the Board of Directors, it will create new policies and procedures where new conditions warrant it.

Everything written in the manual is first approved by the Board of Directors. Every member of the Board of Directors has a copy of the manual. In addition, there is a master copy in the ALL office along with a file of every outdated policy statement. All of these documents must be kept up to date by the Policies and Procedures committee. This committee also has the responsibility of periodically reviewing and updating the ALL Member Handbook.

The committee is currently chaired by Irving Wagner with the assistance of Laurel Jenkins, Ann and Don Liebers, and William Palle.




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