Furman University Learning in Retirement

In the week between their winter and spring terms, members of the Furman University Learning in Retirement program in Greenville, SC had a series of daytime tours of public agencies in the Greenville area. They met at the designated site, had a behind-the-scenes tour followed by a Dutch Treat lunch together at a nearby restaurant. Members had the chance to ask questions of the experts and learn more about how Greenville functions for them. They visited the following:

Greenville City Police Department - Members learned what keeps Greenville safe by studying the latest techniques used by the Department. They also saw the different ways the city and county relate to each other in local law enforcement.

Greenville County Library – Participants saw every nook and cranny of the extensive and attractive Hughes Main Library in downtown Greenville. They studied the reference area, the children’s facilities, acquisitions, the computer training facilities, meeting rooms, collections of historical records, the South Carolina room, CDs, DVDs, books on tape, magazines, microfiche, microfilm and much more.

Western Carolina Regional Sewer Authority – The group learned how waste is treated and what the federal, state and local laws are that govern the levels of purity from the outflow of the waste treatment plants. They also learned who decides how much has to be paid for storm water and wastewater, and whether they are getting a good deal for their money. The also visited the lab to learn about the bio-solids program and watched a presentation on the sophisticated management information system.

Taken from their spring 2006 newsletter.




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