The World in Our Hands

In March, a symposium sponsored by the Academy for Lifelong Learning in association with the Environmental Technology program of Cape Cod Community College in Massachusetts was held.

Few global issues are as contentious and as crucial to the future of the planet as climate change. Science, government and industry offer conflicting views as to whether the phenomenon is natural or self-inflicted, avoidable or inevitable, potentially lethal or ultimately benign.

To help understand this perplexing issue, they invited prominent ecologist Dr. George M. Woodwell, Founder, Director Emeritus and Senior Scientist of the Woods Hole Research Center, and four of his colleagues to present participants with an informed point of view on the scientific, political and legal aspects thereof.

The full-day program, limited to just 125 people and costing $10 complete with lunch, included the following topics:

• Environmental Trends and the Human Environment
• The Framework Convention, The Kyoto Protocol and Beyond: What’s Next?
• The Arctic Warms
• Freshwater, the Rivers of Asia and the Gulf Stream
• Climactic Disruption and the Global Hydrologic Cycle: Surprises in Store

Plenty of time was built in for discussion and questions and answers between each




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