The following is the handout given to all Class Representatives at the ILEAD program at Dartmouth University in Hanover, New Hampshire. Thanks to ILEAD for sharing samples with the attendees at the New England/East Regional LLI Conference in June.

What does the Class Representative do?
Class Representatives are important people in the ILEAD program. They help with the smooth running of courses, performing duties outside of teaching to assist the Study Leader and the students. They are also outreach people who serve as a link between the class and the ILEAD office.

Make an announcement to the class during the second class meeting to explain your role as intermediary between students and the study leader. Encourage students to bring comments or complaints to you, if they are hesitant to talk directly with the leader, so you can share this feedback with the leader in a timely manner, or with the office if there is no solution.

Read or paraphrase the following to the class at the second meeting:

As your Class Representative, I serve as assistant to our study leader, and as intermediary between you, the class, and the ILEAD office. Share your thoughts with me, especially during these first weeks of class, so I can relay your impressions and suggestions to the study leader in a timely manner.

Chosen by Study Leaders, Class Representatives report to Lisa King in the ILEAD office, following the first class meeting to pick up this list of tasks:

• Introduce yourself to the class in the second session and explain your role as spokesperson and intermediary for the ILEAD office.

• Bring student name tags to class, retrieve them at the end of class, and return them to the ILEAD office in alphabetized order, with strings tucked in the plastic envelopes, after the last class.

• Take attendance in each class by passing around the provided check mark grid sheet, so the office has an accurate count of attendees. Report drop outs and no shows to the ILEAD office.

• Help put the room back in order after class and encourage students to leave promptly so the next class can enter and begin on time.

• Pass out written evaluations in the next to last class, collect them, and return them to the ILEAD office at the end of the last class. Indicate on the roster students to whom the form needs to be sent.


As Class representative, you pass out evaluation forms to students in the next to last class, collect them in the last class, and note on the class roster the names of those to whom written evaluations will need to be sent.

It’s your job to stress the importance of written class evaluation. Before you distribute forms, read or paraphrase the following to the class:

Your ILEAD evaluations matter. Your responses to evaluation questions contribute to the continued excellence of our program. Your written comments are especially helpful. The Evaluation Committee reads them all, then gives them to the Study Leader. Return your completed evaluation forms to me.

Full participation in the written evaluation process gives ILEAD an accurate understanding. Note when students return their evaluation forms on the class roster, by making a check mark in the evaluation received column by their names. By doing this, you will be able to identify the participants who were absent or did not return an evaluation form. Return the class roster to the ILEAD office, so Lisa King can send these students the evaluation form.

Thank your for being an important part of ILEAD’s program!




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