This fall, the Lifelong Learning Institute at James Madison University in Virginia is offering members a stimulating Brown Bag Lunch Series.
Topics include:

What’s New in Home Technology – A discussion on the things you need to know when choosing a digital camera, HDTV sets and finding HDTV signals in your area.

Nature’s Gifts to the Shenandoah Valley – An exploration of the wonders of nature in the central Shenandoah Valley, and how to preserve these sites for future generations.

Wilderness Road: Virginia’s Heritage Migration Route – A lecture about the Wilderness Road: Virginia’s Heritage Migration route.

The Impact of the Shenandoah Valley on the Chesapeake Bay – A presentation that will highlight the dramatic impact that the streams and rivers flowing through the Shenandoah Valley, in particular those running through Rockingham and surrounding counties, have on the health of the Chesapeake Bay.




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