This information was taken from papers presented at the September Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference in North Carolina. The material was prepared by Beth Lazer, NC Center for Creative Retirement and Rita Weimer of the Duke Institute for Learning in Retirement.

NC Center for Creative Retirement

What we discovered in our research about the Baby Boomers:
• Boomers want to plan for their retirement.
• They relish having the freedom to choose where to live, what to do with their time.
• They want to assess ways to engage with the world.
• They want to expand their horizons and just have fun.
• They are concerned about the environment and want to learn more about local culture and geography.
• They are the “sandwich generation,
• They want to find a niche in their community.
• They wonder about their own physical and mental wellness and retaining their self-sufficiency.
• They wonder if they’ll have enough money to last through retirement.

• Terminology
• Age Irrelevant Society
• Varied Educational Interests
• Related Educational Issues
• Community of Learners and Doers
• Diversity

• Community Building Programs
• Transitions Programs

Duke Institute for Learning in Retirement

They formed a Baby Boomer Committee to answer the question – Are Baby Boomers Different?

The Literature Search yielded the following information:
• Fewer boomers will have pensions and therefore will need to work at least part time into their 60sand   perhaps beyond.
• They are the Sandwich Generation.
      o Increased life expectancies may mean that boomers may be responsible for aging parents as          they move into their own retirement years.
      o They may also be raising children from second families.
      o They may be supporting adult children who have returned to the “nest” following divorce or job          loss.
• Female Boomers may have pursued a wider range of professional positions than older female   retirees.
• Husbands may retire, while younger wives, who may have deferred career aspirations in favor of   family responsibilities, may want to wok longer.
• Maybe more willing to challenge authority or status quo.
• Boomers have not joined volunteer groups during their working years.

DILR is planning a pre-retirement conference that will focus on life style adjustment not financial planning.

How They Are Preparing For Baby Boomers
• Shorter classes – evenings, Saturday
• Classes on assisting aging parents
• Classes on caring for grandchildren
• Boomers less happy with lecture classes – want discussions, Q&A
• Use more Multi-media, PowerPoint
• Training class for members who are instructors
• In publicity about our program –
      o Show people who look like they are in their 50s and 60s.
      o Get pictures of people who are active.
• Activities that might appeal to Boomers –
      o Active things at retreats – hiking, golf
      o Help hooking up with volunteer Groups – our book of web site info.




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