Lifetime Learning Institute of Northern Virginia, Annandale
By Norma Hughes

The following article appeared in the December newsletter of the Lifetime Learning Institute. Since LLIs are always interested in how other programs operate, this article gives an excellent overview of their program.

The Lifetime Learning Institute of Northern Virginia (LLI) can proudly point to a successful year. It is also exciting to acknowledge that LLI will soon celebrate our tenth anniversary, a major milestone and one that brings back memories of its beginnings in 1996, when 38 energetic people dedicated themselves to establishing an educational program for seniors. From that modest beginning, LLI has grown to 355 members as of June 30, 2005. We maintain an acceptable (and operationally manageable) membership level with minimal advertising. LLI members have provided the best publicity and recruitment of new members by “word of mouth,” which reflects member satisfaction.

Our annual membership fee of $100 is a real bargain, and is primarily due to our members who volunteer their time and talents and are so essential to our ability to offer a wide-range of programs. We recognize the contribution of all to LLI’s continuing success. LLI is also fortunate to have the solid support of its sponsor – the Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC), Annandale campus. During this past year 14 faculty members offered classes. We continue to benefit from the support and guidance of the campus Provost, Dr. Barbara Saperstone. We also appreciate Dr. Robert Vaughn’s assistance along with his staff in the Office of Continuing Education and Workforce development.

Here are some LLI highlights for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2005:

• 355 people were members in good standing (266 women, 89 men).

• 84 faculty members and lecturers (including 14 from the NVCC faculty) offered 87 courses at 23 separate locations.

• Nine (9) “Forum” meetings were held with an average attendance of 155.

• Ten (10) educational trips were conducted (domestic and international).

• Eight (8) special “interest groups” were offered.

• Three (3) successful social events were held.

• One (1) student scholarship and one (1) student leadership award of $2,000 each were awarded thanks to generous member’s contributions.

• LLI participated in the one-day Virginia Lifelong Learning Conference held in October 2004 at Brandermill Woods.




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