Members of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks took a four week course where they learned about Alaska’s geology and archaeology with a noted geologist and archaeologist. Topics covered included:

Geology and Mining – The geologic story of ocean origins, plate tectonics, and volcanism that built the interior of Alaska, as well as the successes and disappointments of mining in Denali National Park.

Glaciers, Permafrost & Earthquakes – The ice age in interior Alaska from maximum ice coverage to the present global warming conditions, the role of glaciers in the shaping of the surface in Denali, permafrost, seismic activity in Denali Park, and the effects of the 2002 Alaskan earthquake.

Denali Dinosaurs and Paleontology – The story of life in Denali National Park from the 400 million year-old marine invertebrates to the age of dinosaurs and beyond, new discoveries of dinosaur evidence, and identification of dinosaur and other trace fossil evidence.

Prehistory of the Colville River – The paleontological, archaeological and anthropological history of the Colville River ecosystem from the age of dinosaurs through the early human habitation of Alaska.





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