Taken from the LIR Newsletter of the Learning in Retirement, Inc. program at the University of Georgia in Athens.

Our organization is proving to be an invaluable source of academic research to the University. With about 400 mature, capable and well-disposed members, we are in effect a rare resource for UGA – at hand, readily mobilized and capable.

Here is a live example: A rush of LIR members rallied to a call for research help from Ryan Keen, a graduate student in psychology. By taking a 45-minute online study, they gave this student of Professor Doug Kleiber exactly what he needed to complete this segment of his Ph.D., work. And those who participated report that not only did they benefit from the thought and analysis it provoked, they enjoyed lending a helping hand.

Ryan was overwhelmed by the response and sends his profuse thanks. The resounding rapid return of information gave him all the data he needed ahead of time. He now expects to complete his dissertation in April and promises to give LIR members the results of his study thereafter.

EIN – an excellent example of how your program can cement its relations with your host school.




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