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Elderquest Seeks New Partners
Lifelong Learners, by Lucy Kline
LIR Changes its Name – 5 Colleges, Massachusetts
Science Courses at an LLI – Rock Valley CLR, Illinois
Senior College Offers Nine New Courses – USM/Lewiston-Augusta, Maine
Special Interest Groups – LIR, Inc. - Athens, Georgia
Nobel Prize Lecture Series – OLLI Program, Duke University, North Carolina
Service Learning – OLLI Program, University of Southern Maine

LLI News
LLI News for October

LLI Celebrations
LLI Celebrations for October

Learning in Retirement, Inc., Washington Chapter, GA
Lifelong Learning Institute, National-Louis University, Lisle, IL

SUNY Potsdam and the SOAR program are pleased to host the New England/East Regional Institute for Lifelong Learning Conference June 3-5. 2007. More information will be available next month, including conference theme, tracks and a call for proposals. People can keep a pulse on what is happening at SOAR's website – - and within the next month a link will be created from SOAR to the Conference Page and information will be updated as it becomes available. There will be some campus housing available at a very reasonable cost which some participants might enjoy taking advantage of as well as using the campus facilities including the fitness center, libraries and computer facilities. Folks will be coming at a great time because school is in session for the summer so there will be students on campus. A pre-conference track will be included that will certainly be of great interest to many. You can reach Nancy Hess via email or phone with thoughts on how you would like to participate in this event at or 315-267-2168. Please note the corrected email address which is different from the last one.

Dr. Rose H. Arthur, Founder and Director of the Rivier Institute for Senior Education in New Hampshire has been named New Hampshire Older Worker of the Year by Experience Works. She will be honored with a Prime Time Award at an October ceremony in Washington, DC. The award, she says, is really a recognition of the success of RISE, the senior education program she began nine years ago for the Greater Nashua area. The award also highlights the college as an institution which hires and keeps its experienced older workers. Arthur has been with the college since 1988 when she accepted the deanship of Rivier’s Undergraduate Evening School.

Marvin Schlafer, Director of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Rutgers University in New Jersey has been named New Jersey Older Worker of the Year by Experience Works. For the last thirteen years under Marvin’s direction the program has grown to more than 700 members offering more than 70 courses in three different locations. Marvin’s award states that he is an outstanding role model for others who want and need to remain in the workforce past the “traditional” retirement age and an outstanding example to employers of what mature individuals bring to the workplace.

Experience Works Prime Time Awards Program is America’s singular and most far reaching effort to salute older workers. No other national program recruits and identifies people over age 65 who are still contributing to their communities and keeping themselves healthy by working. The Prime Time Awards seeks to remove barriers and lessen stereotypes about older workers. Launched in 1998, Experience Works Prime Times Awards Program salutes America’s senior workforce by identifying winners in three categories: Outstanding Older Workers, Outstanding Employers of Older Workers and America’s Oldest Worker.

WONDER, fully…
EIN is pleased to once again promote the Great Books program. We have talked about them in the past. Some of the LLIs are well aware of their excellent curriculum material but others many not know much about them. Here then, is a short write-up from the Great Books Foundation.

Have you ever wanted to feel some of the same thrill of discovery the world's greatest authors and thinkers have felt? The Great Books Foundation is dedicated to helping experiences like this happen; to have one, all you need is a desire to see how high your imagination can lift you.

The Foundation encourages people to read and discuss brief, outstanding works of fiction, philosophy, poetry, etc. and provides anthologies and a discussion method called Shared Inquiry that can help "wonder" take off. Meeting to discuss great writings is an ideal adventure for people who want to consider Euripides, Tolstoy, Voltaire, etc. using the perspective of their own life experience. Such gatherings can become electric, as bright, curious individuals collectively uncover all the treasures of the work they have read.

Please ask your local college or Lifelong Learning Institute if they offer a Great Books course you can join. Or, to find an independent Great Books discussion group near you, (and learn more about us), please visit our Web site,, or call us at 800-222-5870, ext 273 (Bryan Gaul).

Your feet never leave the ground, but you might soar higher than you ever have.

The Maine Senior College Network is holding their annual conference, “Meeting of the Minds, 2006” from October 22-24 at the Bar Harbor Regency Hotel located on the oceanfront in Bar Harbor, Maine. It will be a wonderful spot to enjoy the fall season and the camaraderie and friendships with other leaders and members of Maine’s sixteen Senior Colleges.

The first volume of The LLI Review: Explorations By and About Older Learners, a new scholarly journal produced annually by the OLLI National Resource Center at the University of Southern Maine in Portland has just been published online. You can read it in its entirety by visiting and clicking on “LLI Review.” Contents of this volume include Research and Theory – Life Stories – Best Practices – Poetry and Learning Resources.

A new national survey on brain health was recently conducted by the American Society on Aging and the MetLife Foundation. A panel of experts, including Jim Frasier from the OLLI program at Eckerd College, each wrote a short monograph for the report. You can read the full report at

Teresa Durham, the long-time director of three ILR programs sponsored by Kellogg Community College, in Michigan, will be leaving her position early next month. Teresa will become the Director of the Nonprofit Alliance, a program affiliating with Kellogg Community College in early January. Teresa has been instrumental in setting up programs in Hastings, Coldwater and Battle Creek, Michigan. She will be sorely missed.

The 18th Annual Convocation was held for the University for Seniors program at the University of Minnesota, Duluth on September 9, 2006. Over 200 people attended to hear Dr. Paula Panchuck, Dean of Lasell College in Auburndale, Mass. speak about " Lifelong learning in University settings- the Future of a Movement." Lunch followed. On September 25, the 18th year of the University for Seniors began with 34 study groups, 5 SIGs and many special events. Free transportation to the University is offered with the help of the Brownlee Foundation. Free memberships are offered to those over 90 years old, with three years of previous participation. Membership is growing, and there is an air of enthusiasm all around.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Alabama, Huntsville (UAH) teamed up with the UAH Fitness Center over the summer to sponsor a free program designed for older adults to enhance health and flexibility. Four August morning sessions, starting at 9 a.m. and ending at Noon, at the fitness center on the UAH campus, consisted of exercise classes, breaks, snacks, lectures and more exercise classes, a very full schedule.

Where is the line between right and wrong? What is in the realm of morality and what belongs to opinion and policy? In this discussion-based course offered jointly with the Duke University Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, a class of twelve Duke undergraduates and twelve OLLI students will discuss ethics in realms such as war, science, politics, sex, and marginalization, with an emphasis on intergenerational differences and communities. Each class will include a student presentation led by one Osher Lifelong Learning Institute student and one Duke undergraduate in collaboration. One 1,500-word paper will be assigned.

The new logo of the Lifelong Learning Institute at Indian River Community College in Florida has been designed, as their brochure states, “to symbolize knowledge, power, the radiation of the light and the organization of the Universe. Lifelong learners embody the power of knowledge and believe enlightening others mean sharing something of their unique selves, a significant contribution to the greater good of society.” Check out the logo at

As part of the University of Southern Maine’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, a second, ten-day learning/service trip to Safe Passage in Guatemala is being scheduled for next month. The group will fly from Portland to Guatemala City, then be transported by van to a hotel in Antigua which will be home to them for their stay. The time will be divided into educational tours and volunteer service with the children and staff of Sage Passage, as well as a recreational outing over the weekend through the highlands of Guatemala with a stay at a Lake Atitlan resort.


Many of the LLIs offer Great Decisions programs. The Encore program at North Carolina State University in Raleigh will be offering one this fall. Great Decisions was created by the Foreign Policy Association (FPA) in 1954 to educate Americans about international issues. Each year the FPA chooses eight topics of current interest and produces a non-partisan briefing book written by experts in these areas. Participants read the articles before each session and then discuss the issue (each week’s reading assignment is about 10 pages.) The Great Decisions video series is also shown in class to enhance each week’s discussion. After engaging in discussion, participants may vote on how the United States should conduct its foreign policy. FPA shares the results with government policy makers every year. The topics selected for 2006 are: UN Reform – Brazil – Human Rights in the Age of Terrorism – The U.S. and Iran – Global Health Pandemics and Security – Turkey – Energy Resources – China and India: Partners or Competitors. For more information on the Great Decisions program visit

Several LLIs are offering introductory and more advanced classes in the incredibly popular new puzzle craze, Sudoku. For instance, the L.I.F.E. program at Mount Saint Mary College in New York is offering an introductory class. The OLLI program at the University of Alabama, Huntsville offers members workshops on this popular past-time, and the Academy for Lifelong Learning of Cape Cod, Inc. in Massachusetts is offering a course entitled Sudoku: History and Strategy.

The Academy for Lifelong Learning (ALL) at Cape Cod Community College in Massachusetts established the Legacy Fund for the purpose of raising money to renovate the space allocated to ALL at the College. The renovation was completed in time for the beginning of classes last fall, and they have enjoyed the benefits for an entire academic year. There were, however, a few improvements that had to be deferred until more funds became available. Recently they were able to add chair rails, and microphones for improve classroom communication. They are still eager to acquire new, more comfortable upholstered classroom chairs with casters, shades for better video viewing for both classrooms, and gallery hanging and lighting equipment. So the Board of Directors of ALL voted to continue the Legacy Fund for this purpose.

Today’s global business world was alive and well even in the 19th century cotton world. This course being given at the Berkshire Institute for Lifetime Learning in Massachusetts explores the sophisticated, constructive and the tragic consequences of the global cotton business in the American Experience. Economics and money determined the course of American history for both the North and the South. The African-American past was a byproduct of economics and racial enmity; this country’s racial legacy has not been fully addressed or redressed. A broad, fresh approach to this subject includes lively stories of people, towns states, regions, the nation and the world. The past, present and future are all considered.

The Adult Learning Institute at Columbia-Greene Community College in Hudson, New York is holding a fun-raiser this month. As the announcement says, “You’ll chuckle and cheer – You’ll want to be here – So heed our persuasion – And join the occasion.”

Members of the Worcester Institute for Senior Education (WISE) at Assumption College in Massachusetts were invited to take part in a Public Access Television program. The interviewer made the group (none of whom had ever been on TV before) feel comfortable about sharing their experiences at WISE. What great promotion for their program.

This fall the Center for Learning in Retirement at Rock Valley College in Illinois is offering members a chance to learn how to live in an alternative setting. People who need assistance are often faced with a choice between a big institution or staying “at home” without enough help or companionship. Many people – older people who need support, people of any age with disabilities or people who would be lonely alone – can benefit from a small household with shared expenses. Participants will learn how to create a “Golden Girls with Maid Service.”

That’s all for this month.
Nancy Merz Nordstrom, M.Ed.
Elderhostel Institute Network

“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.”
…Vernon Sanders Law




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