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In each EIN newsletter you will find several new books and web sites suitable for help in planning LLI courses. Every six months we compile these resources and put them into one document. This is easily downloadable for use by LLI Curriculum Committees. This month we are posting Curriculum Resources X. The past nine Curriculum Resources Compilations are still available on our web site under the MANAGING YOUR LLI section. If you download them and put them in a binder for the Committee they will have a wealth of resources to help plan new courses.

Stan Miller, President of the International Association of Universities of the Third Age (IAUTA) is asking for help from the U.S. LLIs. Here’s what he has to say.
“IAUTA in it role as an agency of development for older learners throughout the world is very conscious of the increasing importance of dialogue and partnerships across the generations. Through its network of contacts, the Association is aware that much excellent work is already being done in this field. As one way of supporting such activity, IAUTA is proposing to seek out and collate information on inter-generational activities currently being undertaken or planned. Your assistance in this IAUTA led investigation would be greatly appreciated so that the eventual dissemination of the information can be as inclusive as possible. I would be most grateful to receive details of any such work of which you are aware in the form of responses to the following questions:
1. Country and organization involved?
2. Is this a current, planned or past intergenerational activity?
3. What activities are undertaken?
4. How many people participate and in which age-groups?
5. How is this activity financed?
Please add any other relevant information, including views you have on the value of this activity. The information you provide will be used as the basis for a summary report to be published by IAUTA in its Newsletter and on its Website ( It will also inform future policy and planning in respect of IAUTA projects and conferences. IAUTA will guarantee not to publish information about named individuals without their express permission.”
Thank you for your cooperation. Stanley Miller, President of IAUTA-

Be sure to read the wonderful article written by Chris Edwards, a member of the James Madison University Lifelong Learning Institute, that EIN had posted this month. It really sums up the value of lifelong learning for older adults.

Here is an excellent example of how one woman is helping to expand lifelong learning. Marge Wyngaarden was an active member of the Bergen Community College ILR in New Jersey for many years. She then moved to the Cedar Crest Retirement Community in Pompton Plains, New Jersey where she promptly started a new ILR last year. They are now at the stage where they produce a lovely color brochure offering an interesting array of stimulating courses, including courses on Sunday. Fall 2007 saw such courses as the History of Islam and the Arab World, Essence of Ethics, Chinese Written Language, History of American Women, and Astronomy, just to name a few. Well done Marge!

In lieu of exchanging holiday gifts, members of the Learning in Retirement Association at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, donated new books for distribution by Community Teamwork, Inc of Lowell. This agency serves families in shelters and oversees many child care programs in the City. Each book is marked with a bookplate, designed by member Jean Dettman, denoting that it is a gift from LIRA. Along with books suitable for children, ages three through teens, members also donated much needed hats and mittens for children up to 12 years old.

The Adult Learning Program at the University of Connecticut in Hartford has made significant progress in attracting new members. In the year to come they want to build on that success, and have developed two new efforts to meet that goal. First, they taped a half hour TV show for viewing on Public Access TV stations. One of the members moderated it and four ALPers formed the panel. Stretch Your Mind was the title of the program, and all members are being asked to let their friends know when the show is being aired. The second thing they have done is to offer one course at Duncaster Retirement Community in nearby Bloomfield. They are hoping to attract more members from that community to try their courses and join them. The Play’s the Thing is the course that was given at Duncaster.

Lifelong Learning of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina has reached into the community to find resources for their courses. A Tribute to the Movers and Shakers of Hilton Head Island is a five week program with speakers who were instrumental in the development of the Island. Each will speak about their contribution in making Hilton Head the wonderful paradise it is today. On six Mondays LLHHI’s Travel and Learn program will feature intrepid travelers who happen to live on the Island. They will each speak about their experiences in such diverse locations as Russia, Bhutan, The Black Sea, Europe’s Christmas Markets, Circumnavigating South America and Cycle Travels around the world.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor was one of the co-sponsors of “What Are You Doing with the Rest of Your Life?: Finding Fulfilling Work in Life’s Second Half.” The conference consisted of a dinner, a talk and a facilitated discussion by a consultant who provides training for universities, foundations, and other organizations serving people over 50, as well as serving as a coach for older career changers.

As an additional benefit to members, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, has developed a DVD Lending Library. New DVD’s are constantly being added and some of the topics now available are Greek Civilization, Famous Greeks, The History of Ancient Egypt, The Helenistic Age, Physics, Economics, From Yao to Mao, The Joy of Science and Alexander the Great.

The Curriculum Committee of the IRP in New York City is developing the position of “Research Coordinator” to assist study leaders. Responsibilities might include Internet and library research and the development of study group materials, Web sites and classroom presentations. Such collaborations might be valuable for members who have special research skills or who are not yet ready to take on a lead position in a study group.

Our thanks go out to Martie Klee, EIN liaison at the Lifetime Learning Institute at Northern Virginia Community College for her promotion of the Elderhostel Institute Network in their program newsletter. She informed the members about their relationship with EIN and discussed the wealth of information to be found on our web site. Thank you, Martie.

The Institute for Learning in Retirement at Bergen Community College in New Jersey has found one way to deal with this distraction. If a member starts talking on their cell phone in class, one of the instructors suggested pointing to the offender and saying that the New World’s first purpose-built mental hospital, built in 1770, stands in Colonial Williamsburg and it was intended for people who talked into their hands. This should stop the offender right way.

The L.I.F.E. program at Mount Saint Mary College in New York celebrated the holidays in grand style. First they held their Annual Holiday Tea. Homemade tea sandwiches and sweets were served along with a variety of teas. Next they visited Radio City Music Hall and enjoyed the Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes. Finally they took part in a Holiday Cooky Walk. Members brought 4-6 dozen of their favorite cookie and thanks to the swap, everyone went home with a wide assortment of cookies. Money raised from these activities went to fund the L.I.F.E. refreshment table.

Members of the L.I.F.E. program at Mount Saint Mary College in New York will learn about these popular web sites this month. YouTube is a video-sharing web site. MySpace is a social networking web site with a user-submitted network and Facebook is also a social network that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them.


The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of N. Florida in Jacksonville recently challenged its participants to help increase membership. According to their Vice Chair, Jim Whitmire, they had a wonderful first year as an organization, enough to get the Osher Foundation to gift them $100k, and to get through a lot of the first year mistakes that kill new efforts. Their classes are growing in number and variety every semester, and they have had several successful social activities and trips with many more on the planning board. They have also successfully passed the 450 mark in membership. He goes on to say that it is clear that they need to do something different to keep the momentum going. He believes they have wrung most of the juice out of the yellow brochures they’ve been distributing around town and the ads and stories that have run in their local newspapers. Informal surveys are telling them that most of their new members come via word of mouth from an existing member. So, he issued a challenge to each and every member. They had a social event at 5:30 pm on Dec. 7 – a wine and cheese party at UNF Arena followed by the Ospreys’ basketball game against William and Mary. He challenged everyone to come and bring a guest! The event was held in the basketball facility which can hold a lot of people so they could host any number. It was a great opportunity to tell friends about OLLI at UNF and help attract some new members.


Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community and War, by Nathaniel Philbrick. This was chosen by the NY Times as one of the ten best books of 2006.

The Mayflower Papers: Selected Writings of Colonial New England, edited by Nathaniel and Thomas Philbrick.
Both of these books were published in paperback by Penguin in spring, 2007.

In My Blood: Six Generations of Madness and Desire in an American Family, by John Sedgwick. This extensively researched, highly readable “family biography” interweaves the author’s own story with that of his once-eminent Massachusetts family.

Are We Rome? The Fall of an Empire and the Fate of America, by Cullen Murphy. Murphy looks at how the Roman Empire confronted a number of key challenges – or failed to, gleaning important lessons for our own “empire.”


An exhibition from the Library of Congress American Treasures commemorating the publication of "Leaves of Grass" in 1855. It traces the different occupations and preparations that led Whitman to become the author of 'Leaves of Grass,' as well as his
subsequent evolution as a poet.. Features a biography, with images of books, letters, manuscripts, photographs, and related items. Includes letters from individuals such as Oscar Wilde and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Article about the July 2005 discovery of a new planet in the outer solar system. ... The planet, which hasn't been officially named yet ... [is located] more or less in the Kuiper Belt, a dark realm beyond Neptune where thousands of small icy bodies orbit the
sun. Includes photos, an artist's concept of the planet, and audio of the story. From the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

A site promoting the scientific robustness of the contemporary theory of biological evolution. It seeks to engage the religious communities in support of research on and education about evolution. Includes discussions of dissenting views, such as intelligent design and creationism. Also find full-text versions of related major federal court decisions. Developed as part of the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

This museum has one of the largest and most significant paleontology collections in the world. This collection contains an estimated five million fossil specimens, including over three hundred thousand fossil vertebrates, collected over 125 years. This site features more than 8,000 images of the specimens and more than a thousand images of old photographs, letters, and field notebooks.

That’s all for this month.
Nancy Merz Nordstrom, M.Ed.
Elderhostel Institute Network

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
…Chinese proverb




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