Helpful Web Links

The following links to other web sites will help you research and plan your next Road Scholar program. Please note: The blue "link" icons on this page indicate links that lead to external web sites. Our listing of links on this page does not imply endorsement. Following these links will take you beyond the Road Scholar web site. Road Scholar is not responsible for the information they contain. Some of these links are commercial entities which may contain advertisements.

1-Click Currency Conversion
Use this site to find the exchange rate for the country or countries you will visit.
Visit this site to determine what the exchange rate will be for American dollars when traveling abroad, or coming to the United States.
Maps and driving directions to your next Road Scholar program.
  Passport Information
U.S. State Department
Travelling to an international Road Scholar program? Find passport information here.
  Weather & Climate
Weather Post
Check out the typical weather at the Road Scholar program destination that interests you. This site gives you the average temperature and precipitation data for 2,000 cities worldwide.
Current weather forecasts for United States, Canada or International Road Scholar program destinations.
  Road Scholar Associates
Institute Network
Information on the Road Scholar Institute Network and Lifelong Learning Institutes (LLI)

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