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Roles and Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities

Ambassador Roles & Responsibilities
As an Ambassador you will be asked to help communicate a positive, current and accurate image of Road Scholar to your community with a primary focus on reaching out to older adults and assisting in developing, launching and maintaining a proactive word-of-mouth effort about Road Scholar on a local level.

Basic Responsibilities
• Share your Road Scholar enthusiasm and lifelong learning spirit with others in your region.
• Conduct presentations and/or events in your community to educate people about Road Scholar.
• Collect names of newcomers to Road Scholar at presentations to be added to the mailing list, so they can receive free Road Scholar information.
• Seek out and schedule Ambassador speaking opportunities with community organizations and local media to positively present Road Scholar’s public image.
• Strategically place, monitor and update Road Scholar informational materials in public locations with high traffic (i.e., libraries, community centers, retirement communities).
• Serve as a liaison between Road Scholar headquarters and your community by offering feedback from local Road Scholar participants and reporting on your outreach progress to headquarters.
• Keep up to date and knowledgeable on Road Scholar programming, policies, history, catalog, websites and new developments.

Enhanced Responsibilities
(depending on your activity level and proximity to other Road Scholar events)
• Participate in local conferences, tradeshows or expositions as a Road Scholar spokesperson.
• Inform individuals and organizations of the opportunity to charter Road Scholar programs, reserving a Road Scholar program exclusively for the group.
• Act as a program volunteer for Road Scholar Day of Discovery programs in your area.
• Participate as part of a National Road Scholar Advisory Board.

Requirements and Skills
• Enthusiasm for Road Scholar
• Outgoing, people person
• Experience with five or more Road Scholar programs
• Presentation, communication and organizational skills
• Willingness to forge relationships with local organizations, groups, associations, retirement communities and media
• Ability to travel (you will determine the distance of travel you would prefer)
• Internet access a plus