Thank you for your interest in becoming a Road Scholar Alumni Coordinator. To volunteer in this role, we ask that Road Scholarers have participated in at least three Road Scholar program. Before you sign up to be an Alumni Coordinator we suggest that you check our Established Alumni Groups List and join an established group if there is one in your area. Even though a group is already established, alumni coordinators always appreciate help organizing and coordinating events and meetings. To join an established group, please continue on to the Sign up for an Alumni Group web page. In the comment box at the end of the form, please indicate that you are willing to help in a leadership position.

As an Alumni Coordinator, you will be responsible for organizing the Alumni gatherings in your community and for serving as a liaison between your alumni members and Road Scholar staff. We ask you to:

• Ensure an atmosphere that is in keeping with Road Scholar's mission where everyone is welcomed into the group, learning is valued and friendship is fostered.

• Include all Road Scholar alumni living in your local area

• Regularly communicate with Road Scholar about your alumni events and activities

• Host an "Open House" once a year for older adults from your community to learn more about Road Scholar and our educational programming

We are here to help you in many ways such as planning your first meeting, securing a meeting location, and identifying guest speakers. Road Scholar has devoted two staff members to manage the Alumni Groups, so please feel free to contact us at

If you want to know more about the volunteer Alumni Coordinator role, visit Frequently Asked Questions from Alumni Coordinators. To learn more about Alumni Groups in general, visit Frequently Asked Questions about Alumni Groups web page. If you are ready to start an Alumni Group in your community, please continue on to Sign up to be an Alumni Coordinator.




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