What is the purpose of Alumni Groups?
The purpose of Road Scholar Alumni Groups is provide Road Scholarers with the opportunity to continue their Road Scholar experience in their local communities after their educational adventure is completed. Road Scholar operates like a large college or university offering 10,000 educational programs worldwide. Unlike traditional educational institutions, however, our "students" do not come to our "campus" but rather take classes in more than 100 countries around the globe. Through the establishment of the Road Scholar Alumni Association, we hope to promote continuing friendship among our program participants and strengthen the relationship between our constituents and the Road Scholar organization.

What do Alumni Groups do?
Road Scholarers gather in local Alumni Groups in their communities to share Road Scholar experiences. At their meetings, groups may choose to have a member of the group speak about a recent Road Scholar program experience. They may invite a member of Road Scholar staff or an Road Scholar program provider to make a presentation or they may schedule a local expert to give a lecture on a topic of shared interest.

How many programs do I have to attend to be in a Road Scholar Alumni Member?
Road Scholar alumni are individuals who have been on at least one Road Scholar program.

Do Road Scholar staff or participants run the Alumni Groups?
Road Scholar, just like you, volunteer as Alumni Coordinators to plan meetings and events with the help of Road Scholar staff. Road Scholar staff provide direction and support to the Alumni Coordinators and their groups including notifying Road Scholar in the area about upcoming meetings, identifying guest lecturers and providing Road Scholar informational material.

How do I know if there is an Alumni Group in my area?
Look on the Alumni page under Find an Alumni Group or contact us. Currently, we have groups located in 23 states.

If there is not an Alumni Group in my area, what can I do?
You can add your name to our list, by filling out the Join an Alumni Group form, so that we can notify you in the future if a group forms in your area. Or you may start a group in your area by Volunteering as an Alumni Coordinator, visit that link to learn more about starting an Alumni Group.

Can I bring someone to an Alumni function that has not been on a Road Scholar program?
Yes! Alumni Groups welcome both veteran Road Scholar and newcomers. We encourage alumni to bring friends so they may learn about Road Scholar educational adventures.




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