Road Scholar : Safety

Safety and Risks

Certain risks - from natural disasters to accidents, outbreaks of illness, terrorism, and war - are inherent in travel. While such occurrences are beyond the control of Road Scholar, we endeavor to be prepared for such possibilities. 

In the event of conditions abroad that could be potentially threatening, we are guided by advice from the U.S. Department of State as well as from on-site personnel.  Programs operating in special environments and/or conditions, such as those involving ocean-going vessels, must meet appropriate safety standards and certification.  As appropriate, our catalog descriptions include information about special demands and/or conditions to guide participants in program selection. 


The following pages present further information on considerations and concerns related to program participation:

Health Considerations
Special Needs
Other Registration Information

At all times, we urge participants to be informed and share in the responsibility for their own safety.




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