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Arranging Your Airfare With Road Scholar

Road Scholar has negotiated special rates with most major airlines and offers the best value, convenience and flexibility when arranging transportation to and from your Road Scholar International program.

As an additional benefit when you use our specially negotiated international airfare, you will receive a full refund if Road Scholar must cancel the program (exceptions apply, including customer requests to be ticketed early).

Road Scholar Travel Services can:
•  Arrange your airfare – no matter where you are traveling from – even if you are departing from an airport that is not published in our catalog or on our website.
•  Arrange business class and premium economy seating at competitive prices.
•  Arrange pre- and post-program travel experiences.
•  Provide more flight options for flexible scheduling and airline preference.
•  Provide 24-hour emergency services while traveling to/from your program to assist with cancelled flights, delays and notifying your Program Provider of any changes in your travel.

Special Offer
For most programs in Canada, when you purchase your airfare from us you'll receive free round-trip airport transfers to get you to and from your program! This offer is only available if you travel on the scheduled start and end date of your program. To take advantage of this new service, mention you need airfare when you call to enroll. If you enroll online, select the "Travel — Custom Arrangements" option, and Road Scholar Travel Services will contact you to make the arrangements.

Airport Transfers are Included With Our Airfare on Most International Programs
Airport transfers are included at no extra cost in the airfare provided by Road Scholar for most International programs outside of North America. Airport transfers are designated transfers between the airport to the start and end location of the program, on program start and end dates only (exceptions apply for select "Independent Exploration" programs, which do not include airports transfers). Participants who purchase their own airfare are not guaranteed space on these transfers and may have to make their own arrangements. Please note that programs in the U.S. and Canada generally require independent arrival and departures, meaning that you must make your own travel arrangements to the program site.

Here's How to Use Road Scholar for Your Air Arrangements
To take advantage of our travel services, enroll in a program from one of the departure cities listed in the drop-down menu on the Pricing Options page, or if your preferred city is not listed just select the "Travel - Custom Arrangements" option. If you choose this option Road Scholar Travel Services or our Travel Partner will contact you in approximately seven to ten business days to assist with making your arrangements. For more information please call Participant Services toll free at (800) 454-5768.

Arranging Your Own Airfare
We highly recommend you purchase your airfare through Road Scholar; however, in most cases, you can make your own travel arrangements if you prefer. If you do, you will be responsible for transferring from the airport to the starting location of the program and returning to the airport upon conclusion of your program. Additionally, if Road Scholar must alter the program in a way that affects flights schedules, you will be responsible for changing your flight plans accordingly and often the airline will impose fees for this change. If you are arranging your own flights, you should enroll using the Program Only Participant (POP) gateway category.

Take the Stress Out of Travel
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