Registration Questions & Answers

Do I need to pay a deposit to enroll in a Road Scholar program?

Yes. At the time you register, a deposit is required. Deposit amounts vary, whether you enroll in a U.S. & Canada, International or Adventures Afloat program. If Road Scholar must cancel a program, you will receive a full refund of your deposit and any other payments made toward your program. More specific information about our cancellation and refund policies is included on each program detail page and in our publications.

What happens after I enroll?

After you enroll in your program, you will receive a confirmation notice by e-mail (if you enrolled on our website) or by mail (if you enrolled over the phone or by mail). Before your program begins you will receive preparatory materials from your Program Provider that will included detailed information about how to get to your program, what to bring, a reading list and more.

What does "wait-listed" mean?

If your preferred program is filled to capacity, we'll place you on a wait list in case space opens up later. In order to hold your place on the waitlist, you must put down a deposit. If you do not get on the program, we will refund your deposit. You can also transfer to another program or cancel your place on the wait list, in which case we will refund your deposit.

Will I receive a printed receipt after I make a final payment for my program?

In an effort to keep costs down, Road Scholar does not mail receipts for final payments. You can use your credit card statement, cancelled check, or log on to your Road Scholar account to print out a payment receipt.

What sort of preparatory materials will I receive?

After you enroll, the Program Provider will send you a packet of informative preparatory materials with details about your program schedule, course content, travel directions and other practical advice.

What if I want to cancel or change my enrollment?

Just call Participant Services at (800) 454-5768 and an advisor will help you.

What if my program is canceled or changed?

If Road Scholar must cancel a program, we will notify you as soon as possible and help you find an alternative program. Or, if you prefer, we'll refund your entire payment.

What are the choices for accommodations?

From well-appointed city hotels to country inns, from conference and retreat centers to lodges, cabins aboard vessels, and even safari tents, Road Scholar accommodations are comfortable, pleasant, and well suited to the program. Most programs offer single room options, and almost all accommodations – whether single or double – offer private bathrooms.

When do I pay the balance of my program cost?

Your full program cost will be due before your program begins. Your notice of enrollment will include your balance amount and specific due date.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, Road Scholar can accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover for your deposit as well as your program balance.

Are there provisions for disabilities?

Our goal is to accommodate everyone who wants to take part in a Road Scholar adventure. If you wish to participate, contact us, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET, at (800) 454-5768 (hearing-impaired participants with TTY equipment, call toll free at (877) 426-2167). We will work with you and the specific program site that you'd like to attend to accommodate your special needs. Please call or attach a descriptive note to your Health & Safety form if you have any disabilities or if you wish to bring a guide dog.

What about special dietary requirements?

We will work with you if you have special needs or dietary requests, and provide specific information about the availability of special menus on our programs. Once enrolled in your program, please note any specific dietary requests on your Health & Safety form.

Can I add on extra days to my program?

Some participants like to stay at the site an extra day before or after the program. To find out whether a particular site offers this option and the cost, click the "Meals & Lodging" tab on your program's description page on our website. In your program's preparatory materials there will also be information about contacting your Program Provider to make pre- and post-program lodging arrangements.

How do I get more information?

We're always ready to answer your questions over the phone or through e-mail.

Call us toll-free
(800) 454-5768
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET
(major holidays excluded).

Hearing- impaired participants with TTY equipment call toll-free 1-877-426-2167

Outside the U.S. or Canada, call
1-978-323-4141, or fax at 1-617-426-0701.

Or send an email to




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