Road Scholar : Health Considerations

Health and Physical Considerations

Not only is each Road Scholar site unique, with very different physical characteristics, but the courses themselves vary from classroom lectures to rigorous outdoor activities. When a site offers a strenuous program, we make every effort to note the physical requirements in the course description. Preparatory materials sent to enrolled participants will contain additional details about health considerations and physical demands.

International Programs are more physically demanding than most in the United States or Canada, so it is vital to be realistic about your health and physical abilities. Many programs involve extensive walking in variable weather over sometimes hilly, uneven terrain.

Find more program information at the following pages:

Safety and Risks
Provisions for Disabilities
Registration Information

There may be stairs to climb, getting on and off buses and other conveyances, and you must be able to carry your own luggage at times. Depending on the country or region, travel itineraries and transfers can be lengthy.

The program description will note if a program is particularly rigorous. Preparatory materials will contain additional details about health considerations and physical demands. If you are in good health, reasonably mobile and energetic, you should be able to participate comfortably in most International Programs

There are a few programs that involve a high level of exertion and physical conditioning before arrival. When this is the case, we recommend that you consult with your physician prior to registering.




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