Road Scholar : Disabilities

Are There Provisions for Disabilities?

For programs in the United States

Road Scholar is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to enable individials with disabilities to participate in our programs.

Please call our Participant Service team or attach a descriptive note to your registration form if you have disabilities or require special accommodation. We will then work with you to accommodate your needs and will provide you specific information on such matters as the suitability and functionality of requested modifications, the physical demands of the program and availability of dietary options.

For programs outside of the United States

Unfortunately, our ability to serve participants with disabilities is more limited in international programs because accommodations, study sites and transportation abroad are often not as well suited to those in the United States.

Find more program information at the following pages:

Health Considerations
Activity Ratings
Other Registration Information

Please call our Participant Service team to discuss your particular needs, and we will inquire as to whether your needs can be met. If not, we will do our best to find you a suitable alternative program.

Please contact us with further questions.




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