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4/20/12 - Retired Wisconsin Professor Takes His Passion For Educational Travel And Interest In The Environment To The Dominican Republic With Road Scholar

4/17/12 - Road Scholar To Deliver Lifelong Learning Travel Programs To Del Webb Active Adult Communities Nationwide

4/11/12 - Road Scholar Joins Participant Media And Encore.Org On A Social Action Campaign For The New Feature Film, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

3/14/12 - 'Great American Get-Together' In Santa Fe Draws Experts And Visitors From Around The Country

3/2/12 - Road Scholar Offers Programs Exclusively For Women Seeking Rejuvenation, Wellness And Good Health

2/14/12 - Baseball Fans Go Behind The Scenes At Spring Training With Road Scholar

2/13/12 - Join Hundreds Of Road Scholar Participants Across The Country To Celebrate Presidents Day 2012

1/16/12 - Road Scholar Celebrates Black History Month With New Programs That Showcase The African American Experience

12/28/11 - From Surfing In California To Rediscovering Burma, Road Scholar Launches New Programs Targeting Boomers And Beyond For 2012

12/28/11 - Road Scholar Receives The Guidestar Exchange Seal As A Demonstration Of Its Commitment To Transparency

11/30/11 - Road Scholar Educational Adventures Take The Work Out Of The Holidays

11/18/11 - Road Scholar Presents Award For Lifelong Learning To Dr. Huberta Jackson-Lowman Of Florida A&M University

10/21/11 - First-Time Road Scholar Participant Returns To Post-Revolutionary Cuba 50 Years After Surprise Honeymoon

10/3/11 - The Road Scholar Fall Print Catalog Gets A Major Makeover

9/30/11 - Grandfather And Granddaughter Discover The Grand Canyon And Special Bond On Road Scholar Adventure

9/29/11 - Culinary Experts Offer In-Depth Look At Julia Child�s Cuisine On Road Scholar Adventure

8/31/11 - Discover Fall Foliage With Road Scholar

8/30/11 - Road Scholar Granted People-To-People Educational License To Offer New Programs In Cuba

8/30/11 - Road Scholar Programs On Martha�s Vineyard Promote Learning

8/17/11 - Road Scholar Awards Research Grant To Michael Friedman Of Ucla

7/29/11 - For Three Adventurous Friends, Learning With Road Scholar Is The Journey Of A Lifetime

6/28/11 - Road Scholar Presents Spies, Lies and Videotape With Nigel West

6/22/11 - Governor L. Douglas Wilder To Speak At Road Scholar Program On Martha's Vineyard

6/21/11 - Indiana Teacher Rediscovers History On Road Scholar Adventures

6/20/11 - Road Scholar To Offer Personal Listening Devices On All Programs

6/17/11 - Road Scholar's June 2011 International Program Catalog Now Available

6/14/11 - A Taste Of Road Scholar Offers A Behind-the-scenes Glance At 'Decoding Shakespeare'

6/10/11 - Dig A Little Deeper Into Gardens On Road Scholar Adventures

6/10/11 - The 2011 Road Scholar ASA Hilliard Lifelong Learning Award Now Open To Applicants

6/1/11 - For A Spirited Massachusetts Woman, An Outdoor Adventure With Road Scholar Takes Learning To New Heights

5/6/11 - Mother-Daughter Team Hikes And Learns On Road Scholar Adventures

4/26/11 - With The World As Her Classroom, Road Scholar World Academy Participant Blogs About The Voyage Of A Lifetime

4/21/11 - Road Scholar Celebrates The Life And Legacy Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In Atlanta

4/20/11 - Road Scholar's April 2011 International Program Catalog Now Available

4/15/11 - Discover And Preserve Nature's Wonders On Road Scholar Learning Adventures

4/5/11 - Journeying Solo And Learning Something New Along The Way With Road Scholar

3/14/11 - Get The Most Out Of The Hawaiian Islands Experience With Road Scholar's Fascinating Learning Adventures

2/25/11 - Road Scholar Takes Maiden Journey Through The Life And Legacy Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In Atlanta

12/21/10 - From Medical Breakthroughs To Stem Cell Research, Road Scholar Brings You To The Cutting Edge Of Scientific Study

11/23/10 - Road Scholar Presents Award For Lifelong Learning To Dr. Sheila S. Walker

11/24/10 - New International Educational Travel Program Designed For Blind Participants

11/23/10 - Road Scholar Presents Award For Lifelong Learning To Dr. Sheila S. Walker

11/9-10 - Let Someone Else Baste The Turkey � A Road Scholar Educational Adventure Takes The Work Out Of The Holidays

6/14/10 - Elderhostel Extends Road Scholar Name To All Its Learning Adventures

8/30/10 - Oscar-Winner Geoffrey Fletcher Features As Guest Speaker At A Taste Of Road Scholar On Martha's Vineyard

7/27/10 - A Road Scholar Chater Program Takes All The Work Out Of An Educational Adventure

7/26/10 - Hike, Bike, Paddle & More � Road Scholar Offers Nearly 500 High-Activity Educational Adventures That Will Challenge The Mind And Body

3/31/10 - Bay Area Couples Take Friendship That Began In Italy To Jazzy New Heights In New Orleans

3/24/10 - Improving Your Golf Game Is Major Fun During Programs Held Near Sites Of The Sport's Biggest Tournaments

2/24/10 - Road Scholar Is The Ticket For Baseball Fans To Go Behind The Scenes On 13 Spring Training Adventures In Florida And Arizona

11/20/09 - Press Release - Black History Month featuring DNA tracking program

11/23/09 - Press Release - 2009 Hilliard Award Winner

9/19/09 - Elderhostel, Inc Invites New Generation of Lifelong Learners to Explore the World

6/24/09 - Gloria Leitner of Arlington Captures Memories - and First-Place Prize - With Her Camera

5/19/09 - Van Cliburn Competition � An Road Scholar Music Adventure Goes Inside A Tense Showdown Of The World's Best Classical Pianists

5/19/09 - Rocky Neck Resident Hosts 10 Japanese Women For A Clambake And A Primer In English � With A Big Helping Of How To Say 'Chowdah'

5/22/09 - The Asa Hilliard Travel Scholarship Awarded by Elderhostel Now In Its Second Year

4/24/09 - Mindful Of Belt-Tightening Times, Road Scholar Has A 'Plan B' For Retirees Who Still Have Dreams Of Adventure




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