Twenty Questions with Road Scholar

Meet participant Susan Coulter of North Carolina, who has embraced Road Scholar because it allows her to safely indulge her passion - hiking


Q: Why do you choose to learn with Road Scholar?
A: As a recently retired teacher, I appreciate the economy. As a single female, I appreciate the safety of adventuring with others. I love being retired because I can go places during seasons other than summer. I am just getting started. On a recent program our group came upon a swarm of dragonflies, and I pretended to be one while posing for a photograph. The photo revealed to me that I had become a happily independent person. The trail visible in the picture signified how far I had come and my anticipation of the experiences that still lie before me. Thanks to Road Scholar for making safe, affordable adventures available to us single females!

Q: What was your first Road Scholar program?
A: Hiking Yosemite: Up Close and Personal, a five-day Yosemite hiking program. It was AWESOME

Q: If you could pick just one of our 5,500 learning adventures in all 50 states and 150 countries, what would it be and why?
A: My pick of the moment is Patagonia: Hiking at the End of the Earth. The desolate serenity and beauty of the landscape appeal to my introverted self.

Q: Describe your favorite memory from a Road Scholar program.
A: During the Yosemite program, as we were hiking the rim trail, I found myself behind the fastest hikers and ahead of the slower hikers. For a while, I was alone, which is my favorite way to hike, and yet I knew there were people close by and that I was safe.

Q: What's the most interesting thing you've learned on a Road Scholar program?
A: Learning about John Muir during the Yosemite program has inspired me to visit Muir Woods National Monument during an upcoming trip to San Francisco. I enjoy learning things on a program that can be integrated into my other plans.

Q: Outside of Road Scholar programs, how do you like to challenge your mind?
A: I am currently reading biographies of the first ladies. So far I have studied Martha Washington and Abigail Adams. Of course, Martha Skelton Jefferson died before her husband was elected president, but I still want to study her. I also challenge my mind by listening to classical music and playing the piano, and I get loads of ideas for other things to learn about from watching UNC-EX, a North Carolina PBS station.




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