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The Spirit of Road Scholar

Dennis Sullivan
How a new participant discovered
the joys of educational group travel
What makes somebody decide to enroll in their first Road Scholar program? What is the experience like? We asked new participant Dennis Sullivan of Chicago, who journeyed through India this January on Road Scholar's India: Treasures of the North and South
Q: So what made you decide to travel with Road Scholar?
A: My sister and her husband had taken Road Scholar programs and spoke very highly of them. I had wanted to go to India for a while so I decided to give Road Scholar a try. It was the first time I ever did any kind of organized travel program.
Q: You could have gone to India on your own. Why go with a group?
A: Considering the quality of the food, the places we stayed, and the price I paid, I really don't think I could have done something similar on my own. I learned a lot that I wouldn't have on my own. I had unique experiences like an Indian cooking lesson and meals with families in their homes. The group leader was extremely knowledgeable, engaging and personable with a great sense of humor. It was phenomenal — the only negative was that this program set the bar so high for any future experience!
Q: What's something you never thought you'd do until you did it on this program?
A: There were so many new discoveries. Even though I had detailed information about what we were going to do each day, I didn't look at it much because I wanted each day to be an adventure. The Taj Mahal was incredible of course, the Chand Baori stepwell, sailing the Kerala backwaters…
Q: What advice would you give to someone who is considering his or her first Road Scholar program?
A: Don't worry about the food, the water, details like that. You're very well taken care of with Road Scholar. People should put aside any preconceptions about group travel and give it a try.



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