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The Spirit of Road Scholar

Mary Nowyj
Meet Road Scholar participant
Mary Nowyj
Mary Nowyj of Syracuse, N.Y., has been traveling and learning with Road Scholar since 2004. She has explored the U.S. with Road Scholar from Florida to San Antonio to the Pacific Northwest and ventured out of the country for her first International program on A Taste of Costa Rica. We asked Mary to tell us a bit more about her experiences with Road Scholar and her educational travel dreams for the future.
Q: Why do you choose to learn with Road Scholar?
A: Road Scholar has a reputation as the most academically based lifelong learning program. It incorporates unique adventures with challenging topics.
Q: Describe your favorite memory from a Road Scholar program.
A: I have many fond memories, but my favorite is a train journey during the Jewel Cities of the Pacific Northwest By Train program. Riding a train is a thrilling experience for me and I found I could develop a closer relationship with many of the participants as we viewed the lovely scenery of the mountains, ocean, and shoreline. I really felt part of the natural surroundings.
Q: We offer 6,500 learning adventures in all 50 states and 150 countries around the world. If you could pick just one of those programs, what would it be?
A: I’ve always wanted to visit Russia and Ukraine so I would pick a program that would encompass that area. There is something very strong in character about the people, their religion and their history. I admire the artists, intellectuals, peasants and historical ruling empire. There’s also a bit of romantic intrigue I like as an aspiring poet.
Q: Outside of Road Scholar programs, how do you like to challenge your mind?
A: I love learning just about anything. I continually try new things in the area of academics, sports or even new volunteer experiences that create more awareness of my community needs. I tend to read books that increase my knowledge of understanding life. I also make sure I have a lot of fun and pleasure in whatever I do!