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Participant Profile: Stan and Gloria Wakefield

Stan and Gloria Wakefield of Saint Augustine, Fla., are among the ever-growing subset of second-generation Road Scholar participants. Stan's parents embraced Elderhostel in the early days and he and Gloria eagerly began exploring with Road Scholar themselves five years ago. They were kind enough to share a little more about their Road Scholar experiences with us.


Q: What was your first Road Scholar program?
A: Our first Road Scholar program was Rambling Orcas Island: Nature's Intimate Details. We explored the largest of the San Juan Islands in Washington on nature hikes.

Q: And your most recent?
A: We recently got back from The Best of Ireland. We started in the rural western part of Ireland then ended up in Dublin for a few days. Dublin was really delightful.

Q: We offer 5,500 learning adventures in all 50 states and 150 countries around the world. If you could pick just one of those programs, what would it be? Why that one?
A: Stan:I'm a big birder. We really enjoyed Birding Cape May. My dream would be to go to Central America for a birding program, maybe Costa Rica. Gloria is interested in cooking, which was a big part of another program we attended, A Taste of Prince Edward Island. We choose programs where we'll both enjoy different things.

Q: Outside of Road Scholar programs, how do you like to challenge your mind?
A: We're retired but it doesn't feel like it. We volunteer in the community. We stay fit by going to the gymnasium or swimming in the pool. We read - so many books, so little time! We travel - Georgia, Maine, England by narrow boat. We don't sit in rocking chairs in this house!




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