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Canada Travel
Program # 10382RJ
French Canada: An Artistic Journey
Montreal, Quebec
History & Culture
6 night(s)
05/12/2014, 05/26/2014, 06/09/2014, 08/18/2014, 09/22/2014, 10/20/2014
Quebec is “la belle province” where architecture, French language and artistic passion meld in a sensuous taste of Europe right here in North America....(read more)

Independent Quebec City and Montreal: People, Places, Culture - photo by Tourisme Quebec City
Program # 20338RJ
Independent Quebec City and Montreal: People, Places, Culture
Montreal, Quebec
Independent City Discoveries
8 night(s)
05/18/2014, 06/01/2014, 07/13/2014, 08/10/2014, 09/06/2014, 09/14/2014, 10/01/2014, 10/12/2014
Enjoy French Canada’s two very different cities — cosmopolitan Montreal and charming Quebec City — and revel in the fine cuisine, history and artistry...(read more)

Bicycling: Day Trips To Paradise - photo by Tourisme Quebec
Program # 2760RJ
Bicycling: Day Trips To Paradise
Eastern Townships, Quebec
5 night(s)
05/25/2014, 06/22/2014, 07/20/2014, 08/24/2014, 09/21/2014, 10/05/2014
Enjoy the way cycling was meant to be as you explore the exquisite natural beauty of quaint rural communities, rolling green hills, and the rich herit...(read more)

Photo by Jean Chamberland
Program # 2764RJ
French Immersion: A Key to the Francophone World
Trois-Rivieres, Quebec
Language Study
19 night(s)
05/25/2014, 07/06/2014
Move beyond salut and ça va as you delve into the language of amour, Voltaire and diplomacy in a three-week, intensive program. Increase vocabulary, ...(read more)

Ilene Perlman
Program # 2746RJ
Quebec, the Four-Field-Trip Way!
Quebec City, Quebec
History & Culture
5 night(s)
06/01/2014, 09/21/2014, 09/28/2014
Auberge du Mont invites you to take learning on the road! Four all-day field trips allow you to experience Quebec first-hand. Begin by exploring the w...(read more)

Hiking and Walking Classics: Stepping Out At Your Own Pace and Vive Le Quebec
Program # 5448RJ
Hiking and Walking Classics in Quebec and Vermont: Stepping Out At Your Own Pace
Eastern Townships, Quebec
5 night(s)
06/01/2014, 09/28/2014
Take on some of the finest hiking and walking in Eastern North America, enjoying spectacular rural scenery as you explore the best of Northern Vermont...(read more)

Place Royale - Vieux Quebec - Photo courtesy of Quebec City Tourism Office
Program # 18996RJ
Independent City Discoveries: Quebec City
Quebec City, Quebec
Independent City Discoveries
4 night(s)
06/12/2014, 07/03/2014, 08/21/2014, 09/25/2014, 10/23/2014
Between the Saint Lawrence River and the Château Frontenac’s hilltop seat are the fortified stone walls for which Quebec City is famous. Walk through ...(read more)

Quebec Town & Country: History, Arts, Landscapes, Flavors - photo by Le Massif de Charlevoix
Program # 20512RJ
Quebec Town and Country: History, Arts, Landscapes, Flavors
Montreal, Quebec
Arts, Misc., On the Road
8 night(s)
06/15/2014, 07/27/2014, 08/24/2014
Learn about French Canada's history and way of life as you visit three of its most fascinating destinations by train: the multicultural metropolis of ...(read more)

Montreal: A Signature City - photo by Routes to Learning Canada
Program # 2755RJ
Montreal: A Signature City
Montreal, Quebec
Signature Cities
5 night(s)
06/22/2014, 09/28/2014
Every step you take in Montréal reveals the richness of its history, allure of its cobbled streets and color of its public squares. Join well-known ex...(read more)

Saguenay, Canada; Photo by © Frei
Program # 12684RJ
Whales, Fjords and French Canada: Saguenay and the St. Lawrence
Quebec City, Quebec
Natural History, History & Culture
6 night(s)
06/22/2014, 09/07/2014
From beluga, humpback, minke, fin and perhaps sperm whales, discover the rich cetacean diversity in the St. Lawrence River, fueled by the upwelling of...(read more)

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