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Perkins Cove, Maine. Photo by Greg Bolosky.
Program # 6881RJ
US Foreign Policy for the 21st Century
Chautauqua, New York
Political Science, History & Culture
5 night(s)
10/05/2014, 06/07/2015
In case studies and expert-led discussions, examine the challenges facing U.S. diplomacy and the functions of embassies and consulates, and spend the ...(read more)

Photo by Steve Perry
Program # 12667RJ
Hiking the Finger Lakes Trails: Trees and Gorges in Wine Country
Corning, New York
5 night(s)
10/05/2014, 10/19/2014, 05/17/2015, 05/31/2015
Known for its pristine forests and decadent local wineries, the Finger Lakes region offers much to be seen and savored. Join us for a unique hiking ad...(read more)

The History of the Arts and Crafts Movement - photo by  Roycroft Inn
Program # 12718RJ
The History of the Arts and Crafts Movement
East Aurora, New York
Arts, Misc., History & Culture
5 night(s)
10/05/2014, 05/17/2015
Join us at the historic Arts and Crafts community of Roycroft — founded by the entrepreneur Elbert Hubbard in 1895 — to explore Western New York's tur...(read more)

Program # 8861RJ
Signature City New York: The Big Apple Experience
New York City, New York
Signature Cities
5 night(s)
10/05/2014, 10/19/2014, 12/14/2014, 03/08/2015, 03/29/2015, 04/19/2015, 05/10/2015, 05/31/2015, 06/14/2015, 06/28/2015 (and 6 additional dates...)
Bubbling with history, culture, diversity and energy, New York is whatever one makes of it. Wave after wave of people from the Colonial era to the pre...(read more)

Hudson River Valley Tour
Program # 21068RJ
Autumn in the Historic Hudson River Valley
Highland, New York
History & Culture
5 night(s)
The Hudson River Valley in autumn is rich in vibrant color and nation-changing history. An exceptional learning adventure brings the valley to life as...(read more)

Ilene Perlman
Program # 8864RJ
All Art Experience in New York City: Met, MoMA and More
New York City, New York
Art History/Criticism, History & Culture
5 night(s)
10/06/2014, 03/23/2015, 06/08/2015, 10/05/2015, 11/02/2015
Author Tom Wolfe said of New York City: “Culture just seems to be in the air, like part of the weather.” Absorb the art treasures of that culture at t...(read more)

Adirondack Mountains in Story, Song and Dance, by Barbara Lockwood
Program # 14641RJ
Adirondack Mountain Music and Dance Workshop
Raquette Lake, New York
History & Culture
3 night(s)
In isolated Adirondack communities, music and story-telling provided not only respite from work but a means of passing along traditions and values. Ba...(read more)

New York, New York, USA. Photo by Caroline Digonis/Metropolitan Opera.
Program # 12726RJ
Ultimate Opera: Two Productions At The Met
New York City, New York
Opera, Music Appreciation
5 night(s)
10/12/2014, 11/16/2014, 01/11/2015, 02/15/2015, 03/15/2015, 04/05/2015, 10/11/2015
Experience the ultimate in opera as you attend performances in the world-famous Metropolitan Opera House in New York City’s Lincoln Center and get ins...(read more)

New York. Photo by Mick Hales.
Program # 10477RJ
Historic Mansions on the Hudson River
Warwick, New York
Homes & Gardens
5 night(s)
10/12/2014, 05/31/2015, 08/02/2015, 09/06/2015, 10/11/2015
Go back in the past to explore the tasteful but opulent grandeur of the Hudson River mansions that belonged to America’s wealthiest families of the Gi...(read more)

Photo by Greg Bolosky.
Program # 10517RJ
New York’s Hidden Treasures and Secret Places (5 nights)
New York City, New York
History & Culture
5 night(s)
10/12/2014, 06/07/2015, 09/20/2015, 10/25/2015
Already familiar with New York’s top icons? Discover more of the city’s history and culture with local experts. Delve into its fascinating neighborhoo...(read more)

Showing 1 - 10 of 56 Results|Results per page: 10, 20
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