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Top 10 Learning Experiences
Around the World

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Program # 13548RJ
Service: Artifact Preparation and Curation
Mesa Verde Country, Colorado
Service Learning
6 night(s)
A thousand years ago, the Ancestral Puebloan peoples ("cliff-dwellers") left their dwellings in the canyons and mesas of southwest Colorado. Archaeolo...(read more)

Program # 12780RJ
Intergenerational Service: Caring for Animals at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
St. George, Utah
Intergenerational, Service Learning
10 - 14 years of age
6 night(s)
06/22/2015, 08/03/2015
Learn about animals and nature's creations and make amazing discoveries working at The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary at Angel Canyon, in the heart of ...(read more)

Program # 21043RJ
Restoring Native Forests and Plants: Service Learning in Rocky Mountain National Park
Estes Park, Colorado
Service Learning, National Parks
6 night(s)
Comprised of more than 265,000 acres, Rocky Mountain National Park has the distinction of being named both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and World Bios...(read more)

Program # 2617RJ
All Hands on Deck: Maintaining the USS Missouri (The Mighty Mo) in Pearl Harbor
Honolulu (Oahu), Hawaii
Service Learning, National Parks
7 night(s)
08/27/2015, 12/04/2015, 01/29/2016
Walk the decks of the USS Missouri and recall its storied history as the site of Japanese surrender in World War II, a veteran of four wars, and the l...(read more)

Program # 18493RJ
Maine Seabird Biology and Conservation
Bremen, Maine
Service Learning, Birding
5 night(s)
Aid in the hands-on restoration of Maine seabird populations with pioneering researcher Dr. Stephen Kress and the National Audubon Society's internati...(read more)

Program # 21160RJ
Preserving the Legacy: Restoring Historic Buildings in Montana’s Clearwater Crossing
Missoula, Montana
Service Learning
6 night(s)
Help preserve historic buildings located at Clearwater Crossing, 55 miles from Missoula, Montana. The Bunkhouse and Tool Shed were originally part of ...(read more)

Program # 6276RJ
Dinosaur Bone Preservation: From the Jurassic to the Lab
Thermopolis, Wyoming
Service Learning
5 night(s)
09/13/2015, 10/11/2015
Delve into Wyoming's compelling geologic history — dinosaurs did roam this corner of the earth! Nearly 150 million years ago, dinosaurs such as Diplod...(read more)

Program # 2621RJ
Service: Preserving Montana's Gold Rush Ghost Towns
Nevada City (Montana), Montana
Service Learning
6 night(s)
Become a key player while working with Montana Heritage Commission staff to help preserve historic artifacts and structures in a historic gold rush co...(read more)

Program # 20821RJ
Teaching English in India’s Princely State of Rajasthan
Service Learning
18 night(s)
09/15/2015, 09/29/2015, 10/27/2015, 11/10/2015, 12/01/2015, 01/12/2016, 02/09/2016, 02/23/2016, 07/12/2016, 07/26/2016 (and 3 additional dates...)
In the northwest of India is the state of Rajasthan, “The Land of Kingdoms,” where once chivalrous warrior princes built hilltop forts and camels race...(read more)

Program # 21458RJ
Bold Coast Service Learning: Building Bridges & Trails for Coastal Preservation
Trescott, Maine
Service Learning
5 night(s)
The Bold Coast of Maine boasts an otherworldly beauty that every hiker should experience, but as more people come to enjoy this precious stretch of co...(read more)

Showing 1 - 10 of 25 Results|Results per page: 10, 20
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