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Top 10 Learning Experiences
Around the World

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Program # 21976RJ
Oaxaca & Puebla: The Ancient Civilizations and Modern Cuisine of Southern Mexico
History & Culture, Food & Wine
11 night(s)
01/10/2016, 02/18/2016, 03/17/2016, 09/19/2016, 10/02/2016, 11/06/2016
From a 2,500 year-old Zapotec ceremonial pyramid to a mole poblano pepper picked that day, Mexico’s southern states of Oaxaca and Puebla offer a magic...(read more)

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Program # 6945RJ
Coastal Catch: A Culinary Adventure Along Oregon's Beautiful Coast
Lincoln City, Oregon
Food & Wine
5 night(s)
01/31/2016, 04/10/2016, 05/15/2016, 10/16/2016, 10/23/2016
Spectacular rugged cliffs, evergreen forests, and boundless sandy beaches are the backdrop for your study of the Oregon Coast, the dynamic life it sup...(read more)

Program # 7726RJ

Program # 21918RJ
An Epicurean Delight: Wine, Cheese, Chocolate and a Good Cigar
St. Petersburg, Florida
Multi-Topic, Food & Wine
5 night(s)
Wine, cheese and chocolate may be the most beloved indulgences of all time. Follow your nose and taste buds to St. Petersburg, where you combine the s...(read more)

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Program # 19280RJ
Savor Charleston's Culinary History, Heritage and Delectable Flavors
Charleston, South Carolina
Food & Wine, History & Culture
5 night(s)
02/14/2016, 03/06/2016, 10/16/2016
Taste the flavors of the Lowcountry during this culinary immersion into the history and cuisine of South Carolina. Rub elbows with some of Charleston’...(read more)

Program # 21994RJ
The Best of Wine Country: A Journey to Napa and Sonoma from San Francisco
San Francisco, California
On the Road, Food & Wine
7 night(s)
02/27/2016, 03/05/2016, 04/16/2016, 05/07/2016, 07/16/2016, 09/10/2016, 10/08/2016, 10/29/2016
Learn all there is to know about Napa and Sonoma — the twin capitals of the California wine country. Meet makers of award-winning wines and artisan fo...(read more)

Program # 12827RJ
Discovering Wines and Traditions of Argentina and Chile
Argentina / Chile
Food & Wine
18 night(s)
03/11/2016, 01/13/2017, 03/10/2017
With near-perfect grape growing conditions, the fertile vineyards of Argentina and Chile currently produce more than one-fifth of all wines sold on th...(read more)

Program # 19672RJ
Cooking in Tuscany
Food & Wine
9 night(s)
03/16/2016, 04/14/2016, 04/22/2016, 04/30/2016, 05/13/2016, 08/27/2016, 09/11/2016, 10/03/2016, 11/10/2016
Experience the best of Tuscan culinary traditions during intimate cooking classes at the International Academy of Italian Cuisine and visits to local ...(read more)

Program # 14490RJ
From Fields to Fridge: Taste the Bounty of California Central Coast Farmland
Ventura, California
Food & Wine
5 night(s)
04/03/2016, 10/16/2016
With more than 300,000 acres under cultivation, Ventura County is a cornucopia of foods from avocados to zucchinis. Visit traditional and organic fami...(read more)

Program # 22069RJ
Cooking in Sicily
Food & Wine
9 night(s)
04/06/2016, 05/04/2016, 09/17/2016, 10/09/2016
Sicily takes immense pride in a cuisine that reflects the influences of many cultures — Italian, Greek, Spanish and Arab — but is separate from any of...(read more)

Showing 1 - 10 of 52 Results|Results per page: 10, 20
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