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Turkey Travel
Program # 12828RJ
From Legends to History: Turkey's Legacy of Civilizations and Culture
16 night(s)
09/10/2014, 09/17/2014, 10/01/2014, 10/15/2014, 02/04/2015, 02/11/2015, 02/25/2015, 04/01/2015, 04/22/2015, 04/29/2015 (and 6 additional dates...)
From Roman ruins and Byzantine mosaics, Turkey’s history spans three continents and more than 10,000 years. Expert instructors leading select excursio...(read more)

Greece Cruise
Program # 18628RJ
Aegean Vistas: Athens, the Greek Islands and Ephesus
Greece / Turkey
Adventure Afloat Study Cruise, Small Ship Cruising
11 night(s)
09/15/2014, 04/27/2015, 05/04/2015, 06/01/2015, 09/07/2015, 10/05/2015
Experience the ancient world up-close and feel the rhythms of daily Greek island life on a voyage that takes you to the Acropolis of Athens, the well-...(read more)

Cappadocia, Turkey. Photo by Tikhonova.
Program # 18761RJ
The Best of Turkey: A Journey by Land and Gulet
16 night(s)
09/15/2014, 09/22/2014, 09/29/2014, 04/13/2015, 04/20/2015, 04/27/2015, 05/04/2015, 05/11/2015, 09/07/2015, 09/14/2015 (and 4 additional dates...)
Experience the mingling of modern and ancient civilizations as you explore the wonders of Turkey. Beginning in Ankara, find expressions of the living ...(read more)

Greece and Turkey Tour
Program # 21236RJ
Voyages to Antiquity: Great Empires of Greece and Turkey
Greece / Turkey
Adventure Afloat Study Cruise, Ocean Cruises
17 night(s)
09/22/2014, 04/17/2015, 09/12/2015
At the height of its power, the Athenian Empire built the Parthenon in tribute to its patron goddess. As the Romans expanded their massive empire, the...(read more)

Turkey Cruise
Program # 21646RJ
The Ancient Power and Iconic Beauty of Turkey and Greece
Greece / Turkey
Adventure Afloat Study Cruise, Ocean Cruises
12 night(s)
09/23/2014, 10/14/2014, 05/12/2015, 06/23/2015, 09/15/2015, 09/29/2015
Experience magnificent cities of the ancient world and islands long famed for their beauty on this voyage from Istanbul to Athens. Venture to timeless...(read more)

Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul, Turkey. Photo by Fotosearch.
Program # 16878RJ
Extension: Istanbul: Ancient City - Modern City
3 night(s)
09/24/2014, 09/26/2014, 10/01/2014, 10/08/2014, 10/17/2014, 10/31/2014, 02/20/2015, 02/27/2015, 03/13/2015, 04/17/2015 (and 20 additional dates...)
Delve deeper into the ancient and contemporary cultures of Turkey. From the Istanbul Archaeology Museum and the lavish Dolmabahce Palace to Istanbul’s...(read more)

Program # 18720RJ
Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul: Seat of Three Empires
9 night(s)
10/07/2014, 02/24/2015, 03/03/2015, 05/05/2015, 05/19/2015, 09/08/2015, 10/06/2015, 11/10/2015
Istanbul is the only place on earth where you can experience two continents, 17 centuries and the customs of dozens of ethnic groups within the confin...(read more)

Turkey Cruise
Program # 20322RJ
Voyages to Antiquity: Athens, the Isles of Greece and Istanbul
Greece / Turkey
Adventure Afloat Study Cruise, Ocean Cruises
18 night(s)
From the rise of Corinth in about 685BC to the fall of Magna Graecia, the Greeks were responsible for one of the most brilliant and inspiring epochs i...(read more)

Danube River Cruise
Program # 19361RJ
Istanbul, Budapest and the Lands of the Danube: A Journey by River
Romania / Hungary / Croatia / Serbia / Bulgaria / Turkey
Adventure Afloat Study Cruise, River Boats
13 night(s)
10/18/2014, 06/06/2015, 09/26/2015
Sail east from Budapest on the Danube River to find treasures once obscured by the Iron Curtain: the idyllic vineyards of Villány, the spectacular Iro...(read more)

Mediterranean Cruise
Program # 21372RJ
From Athens to the Pyramids Aboard Minerva: Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Jordan
Greece / Jordan / Egypt / Lebanon / Cyprus / Turkey
Adventure Afloat Study Cruise, Ocean Cruises
18 night(s)
Learn about the great ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean on this small ship voyage from Greece to the Middle East. The outstanding experts joi...(read more)

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Showing 1 - 10 of 23 Results|Results per page: 10, 20
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