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Top 10 Learning Experiences
Around the World

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Program # 16732RJ
Witness and Remembrance: Historic Learning and Preservation at Auschwitz
Poland / Germany
Service Learning
12 night(s)
09/22/2015, 03/29/2016, 09/13/2016
How best to remember one of the most unforgettable horrible chapters in human history? For Holocaust survivors, part of the answer is to preserve the ...(read more)

Program # 20792RJ
Classical Germany: The Music of Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden
Music Appreciation, Opera
12 night(s)
09/24/2015, 10/29/2015, 04/21/2016, 06/09/2016, 09/22/2016, 10/19/2016, 11/10/2016
Immerse yourself in the unparalleled musical heritage of Germany, home of brilliant composers and stunning temples to art and acoustics. In the cultur...(read more)

Program # 14317RJ
Enchanting Rivers of Europe: Amsterdam to Budapest
Netherlands / Germany / Austria / Slovakia / Hungary
Adventure Afloat Study Cruise, River Boats
15 night(s)
09/29/2015, 05/22/2016, 09/11/2016
Sail in unmatched elegance and comfort from Amsterdam along the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers to learn about the cultural, geological and human histor...(read more)

Program # 16952RJ
Berlin: Two Pasts, One Present
8 night(s)
10/02/2015, 05/06/2016, 06/17/2016, 08/12/2016, 09/16/2016, 10/01/2016
In the Golden Twenties, Berlin commanded center stage as Europe’s most prodigious capital of art, music and science. Following the rise and fall of th...(read more)

Program # 18425RJ
Great Composers of Europe
Germany / Czech Republic / Austria
Music Appreciation
14 night(s)
10/09/2015, 10/22/2015, 04/21/2016, 05/12/2016, 10/06/2016, 10/20/2016, 11/03/2016
Vienna, Munich and Prague can lay claim to some of the greatest composers of all time: Mozart, Haydn, Wagner, Strauss, Dvorak and more. Walk in these ...(read more)

Program # 20816RJ
Berlin, Bavaria and Great Cities of the Danube
Germany / Austria / Hungary / Slovakia
Adventure Afloat Study Cruise, River Boats
14 night(s)
10/10/2015, 05/11/2016, 10/23/2016
Experience Gemütlichkeit — cheerfulness and peace of mind — on a voyage through the lands of Hohenzollerns and Habsburgs. Experience the capitals of G...(read more)

Program # 21689RJ
The Rise, Fall & Rebirth of Germany
History & Culture
12 night(s)
10/14/2015, 05/26/2016, 08/25/2016
The course of the western world in the 20th century pivoted around the ambitions of a single nation — Germany. From one of the great empires in histor...(read more)

Program # 17164RJ
Christmas Traditions in Austria and Germany: A Feast for the Senses
Austria / Germany
11 night(s)
12/09/2015, 12/01/2016, 12/08/2016
You pass a wooden stall and the spicy aroma of mulled wine fills the air; a few steps farther and it is the scent of warm gingerbread floating out the...(read more)

Program # 22139RJ
Living and Learning in Berlin: Independent Stay and Language Study
Berlin (Germany), Germany
Independent City Discoveries, Living & Learning
44 night(s)
Inspired by grand monuments and a vibrant arts scene, learn to speak German like a true Berliner on this immersive adventure in one of Europe’s most v...(read more)

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Program # 19454RJ
Germany: Grand Cities, Castles and Cathedrals
16 night(s)
04/26/2016, 06/07/2016, 08/30/2016, 10/11/2016
Connect East Germany with West on this comprehensive journey that begins in Berlin and ventures south to Munich to the heart of Bavaria, then west and...(read more)

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